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The multi touch digital signage, 3 mins that you can make your digital signage

  • Rich Source creates multi touch digital signage software, easy and simple design, with HD display with friendly edition.
  • kiosk digital signage multi touch
  • Functions: 
    1. Support multi touch functions
    2. Support image and video
    3. Support text marquee and RSS
    4. Support clock, calendar, webcam
    5. Support flash, website, mss web page
    Support schedule play time

    7. Support remote update
    8. Support export and import functions
    9. Support setting user's id and password
    10. Suppor startup function

    11.Support background

  • System Requirement

    1. OS´╝ÜWindows XP / Vista / 7/XP 8/8.1  

    2. needed install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1


Multi Touch Video

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The Multi Touch Driver



The Multi Touch APP