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The easiest touch wayfinding system, simple and easy, you do not need to know any computer language

  • Rich Source creates multi touch digital signage software, easy and simple design, with HD display with friendly edition.

  • Function
    1. Easy to design the map and stores
    2. Easy to edit the information of stores
    3. Easy to update the logo of stores
    4. Easy to create the menu list
    5. Support the clock and multi touch
    6. Support the Triditional Chinese, Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese

    7. Easy to use, it can use in all the Rich Source products 

    Module interface
    Do not need computer language, only use the mouse to drag and click
    Image layer map, only put the image into the map
    Only need 10 mins you can have your own wayfinding system

    Simple like Word and Powerpoint
    Menu list, like go on the internet and fill the information
    What you want to show on the screen , what you going to type on

    Easy to insert the images and logo.
    Simple click the logo, you will see all the information about this store

    Multi touch images
    You can zoom in & out, move the image

    Image menu
    Easy to setup menu list, and catalog list
    Automatic to change the language


Multi Touch Video

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